Benefit corporation

We are now a benefit corporation. what exactly is a benefit corporation?

We changed our legal form to become a Benefit Corporation, formally committing to the higher standards of purpose, accountability and transparency that for years have been part of our company’s DNA.

A Benefit Corporation represents an evolution in the concept of a corporation, one that not only aims to make a profit, but also make a positive impact on society and the biosphere.

People first and foremost

Our first commitment is to the people who work with us, their well-being and happiness, helping them develop their talents, and creating new jobs.
We aim to create a context that’s based on the principles of health and merit, where people are happy to come to work and do what they do with a passion.
We implemented a series of activities for the community, the local area and the environment based on our values, as part of a concrete transformation process. Once a corporation assumes the legal form of a Benefit Corporation it’s not just promising to do what it says, it’s making a legally binding commitment to do so through such activities.

We’re in business to make a profit, but also adopt goals that benefit others: goals that have a positive impact for people, the community, the local area and the environment, cultural and social activities, groups, associations and other stakeholders.

We do what we do in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way.

Outset’s commitment

In particular, the company’s focus is on helping the people who work with us satisfy their fundamental needs (livelihood, rest, understanding, identity, participation, care, creativity, freedom, protection) all things people need to be happy, searching for and adopting solutions that put people in a position to satisfy those fundamental needs, as people are indeed affected by the job they do and the activities involved in doing it. As a company we’re committed to creating the best possible working conditions, also to attract people with new talents, and help them grow.

The importance of happiness

We are firm believers in a philosophy in which happiness is the driving force.
We’re happy to offer our customers a precision product to make their work easier.
We’re happy to offer them a product with a long working lifespan.
We’re happy if the people who work with us are happy too, as it’s their daily commitment that makes the difference.
We’re happy to try and make the world a better place, the world we all want to live in.
We’re happy to say it’s our firm intention to respect others, people, animals and the environment.

A new adventure

It’s a thrill to be part of this new adventure, and we’re determined to put all our ability and passion into making sure every new project we undertake has a happy ending!

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  • OUTSET SRL Società Benefit

    36066 Sandrigo (VI) Italy - Via Pacinotti 9

    Tel. +39 0444 751028


    Cod.Fisc/P.Iva/Reg.Imprese VI 02771380249

    REA 274056/Vicenza

    Cap. Soc. €65.000,00 i.v.

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