CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: we are committed to providing products and services that are qualified, accurate and safe. We think that offering competence favors a constructive comparison for improvement, reduces inefficiencies and stimulates competitive and effective distinction.
PASSION: it is the inner engine that leads us to carry on our work excellently smiling always.


INNOVATION: to consolidate, to strengthen and distinguish ourselves in the market.
RELIABILITY: this is the prerequisite for all our actions in our work. Safe on the road, safe at work.


RESPONSIBILITY: the moral bond is rooted in us to guarantee safety and reliability to eliminate or prevent any danger.
INTEGRITY: we macth our goals to our values ​​and we do it for ourselves and with anyone who deals with us: upright, honest to protect everyone.
GROWTH: we plan, innovate and organize the company through processes that facilitate its change over time and adaptation to the market.

Outset advanced on board technology


  • OUTSET SRL Società Benefit

    36066 Sandrigo (VI) Italy - Via Pacinotti 9

    Tel. +39 0444 751028


    Cod.Fisc/P.Iva/Reg.Imprese VI 02771380249

    REA 274056/Vicenza

    Cap. Soc. €65.000,00 i.v.

certificazioni TUV

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