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A company positively paving the way

Thanks to the brilliant insight of Antonella Valerio and Franz Toneatti, with over thirty years of experience in the sector, OUTSET has been offering haulage contractors professional solutions to control and manage on-board weighing since 1999. We were the first company in Italy to introduce these systems for industrial vehicles.
Right from the word “go” we took the decision to offer our customers products that had been thoroughly tested, that would make their work easier, maximizing the advantages of precise and efficient weighing while loading: rationalizing time, reducing operating costs, making haulage safer, in full compliance with the rules of the road, making the risk of administrative and criminal fines a thing of the past. With over thirty years of experience OUTSET produces a wide range of high-tech instruments to optimize loads on industrial vehicles, earthmoving machinery and vehicles used for logistics’ services.

The added value of a bespoke service

From the start we made it our priority to guarantee added value for the customer, providing an effective consulting service tailor-made to fit the specific product, both in sales and after-sales.
Customers are always welcome at our factory in Sandrigo (Italy) to discuss any installation and/or after-sales service, regardless of whether it’s covered by warranty or not; our specialized technicians are ready and available to provide whatever service might be required on site.
We’re well aware that, in order to meet the customer’s requirements to the full, we need to be there for them at all times to understand what they really need, to propose the best products and services to meet those needs.
We train specialised technicians and have a capillary network of authorised product dealers and installers to guarantee ground-breaking products and services, always in line with new market trends.

R&D, a pro-active approach to the future

Today, operating in both Italy and abroad, we’re continuously investing in R&D to improve our products, and above all to develop new, innovative instruments based on technology of the latest generation, all in name of one of our founding principles: our systems must above all be easy to use.
The highest level of innovation in industrial automation with full integration of new technologies to improve productivity and working conditions; also eligible for Industry 4.0 incentives.
We’re particularly attentive to new market trends, so most of our research is done "in the field” to test operators’ specific requirements.

Outset advanced on board technology


  • OUTSET SRL Società Benefit

    36066 Sandrigo (VI) Italy - Via Pacinotti 9

    Tel. +39 0444 751028


    Cod.Fisc/P.Iva/Reg.Imprese VI 02771380249

    REA 274056/Vicenza

    Cap. Soc. €65.000,00 i.v.

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