The control unit of the LANX 2.0 system is directly installed in the driver’s cab and displays the weight loaded on-board in real time. Readings are displayed axle by axle, net and gross or partial. LANX 2.0 uses a variety of digital sensors positioned on the vehicle’s suspensions and displays all data on an easy to read display, without having to push any keys. In addition, weight data can be printed by on-board mini-printer and it can also connect to any satellite system. The system pays for itself immediately because knowing the weight of the load when you travel means optimizing transport times and economic yield in complete safety.


  • Convenient on-board weighing during loading
  • No fine for overloading
  • Protection against early wear of the vehicle
  • Payload within legal limits
  • Reusable system
  • Automatic management of an unlimited number of trailers and semi-trailers



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