The new dynamic MT20 on board weighing system installed on earthmoving, logistics and mining vehicles allows maximum productivity and profit of your site. MT20 uses advanced electronic calculation and with the aid of pressure sensors and proximity sensors it displays weight information on the display without any intervention by the operator, automatically measuring without having to stop operations. Thanks to the temperature sensor installed directly on the hydraulic system it is possible to check and correct any temperature anomalies at any time, always guaranteeing constant accuracy. MT20 integrates a USB reader that allows the export and transmission of weighing data in quick and easy way, as well as the printing of the same for a constant updating and management of the loading activity. An iPCS OUTSET weighing data management software is also available.


  • Dynamic weighing
  • Large colour touch screen display and buttons
  • Integrated USB reader
  • Temperature sensor
  • Various interfaces
  • Advanced CPU
  • Reusable system
  • Control diagnostics



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