Truck and full trailer

Among our on-board weighing systems more suitable for trucks and full trailers, we recommend Lanx 2.0 and T1 Truck. Both products notably improve operating efficiency, safety and the profitability of transport operations. They provide weighing data in real time and in detail, allowing a more accurate load distribution and more efficient use of the vehicle. T1 Truck combines weighing with monitoring of the tyre pressure, ensuring that the vehicle is always in optimal travel conditions. They are designed for ease of use. The intuitive displays and options for connection to external devices simplify access to the data and the management of information.

  LANX 2.0 T1 TRUCK    
Axis management multi-axis multi-axis    
Sensors type wire bluetooth    
Display stand alone android App    
Acoustic alarm YES YES    
Printer YES YES    
Data transmission YES YES    
Display size (mm) 132 x 100 x 43 160 x 78 x 12    

Outset advanced on board technology


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